Welcome to Grace Bible Church

Join us for Grace Bible Church “in person” worship services Sunday at 11:00 a.m. in our church building. If you are comfortable with not wearing a mask please feel free to do so.  If you are not able to join us in person you are still welcome to join us online at live.gbcb.info.

Our Sunday School meets at 9:45 and we have a Sunday evening Bible Study at 6:00 p.m.

We are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Who We Are

Grace Bible Church is a unique family friendly neighborhood church. We preach and teach the Word of God and are committed to living what we teach

What We Desire

Grace Bible Church wants to surround you with warm fellowship, disciple you with God’s Word, challenge you to be like Jesus and help you share Jesus with others.

What We Believe

We believe the following to be essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith:

Deity of Jesus Christ, Trinity of God, Verbal Plenary Inspiration of the Holy Bible, Total Depravity of Man, Virgin Birth of Jesus, Blood Atonement, Bodily Resurrection of Christ, Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Salvation By God’s Grace & Our Faith, Eternal Security of the Believer, Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Priesthood of the Believer, Reality of Satan, Reality of Hell, Reality of Heaven, Local Church, World Wide Missions By the Church, Two Ordinances Only: Baptism by immersion and The Lord’s Supper.

What We Do

To accomplish our goals of fellowship, discipleship and evangelism we meet regular for Bible Study, Prayer, Worship and Fellowship. We endeavour to reach out to others with the Gospel of Jesus and to invite them to join with us each week.

Bible Study

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word for Christians.  It is a priority at GBCB.  Our Sunday morning service is a traditional service with hymns followed by a sermon preached from the Word of God.  Sunday School is a more interactive session designed for growth and discipleship.  Sunday evening is usually a deeper study into a particular book or passage from the Bible.  Wednesdays Bible study centers around learning the culture and historical context of the Bible to help us understand God’s Word better.


Prayer is a vital part of every service at GBCB as well as throughout the week.  Our church family shares praises and prayer requests at each service.  On Wednesday evenings we formally meet for prayer.  We sometimes pray as a group, other times we divide up for more individualized prayer times.  We share prayer requests and praises throughout the week by phone and through email.  We strive to practice “Pray without ceasing.”


At GBCB we believe that Worship is not a structured event but rather a lifestyle of understanding and showing God our thanks, love and appreciation.  We work to make each of our services conducive to this type of worship as we carefully choose our songs and Bible study to strengthen our individual worship of our God.


We love fellowship at GBCB.  Whether it is before or after any of our services or a special gathering we enjoy the company of our church family and friends.  The bond that we share through Jesus is sweet and lasting.  Come experience the joy of fellowshipping with other believers in Jesus Christ at Grace Bible Church.
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Grace Bible Church
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