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Our Doctrine

We believe the following to be essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith:

  1. The Deity of Jesus Christ (John 10:30, 14:9; 20:28,29)
  2. The Trinity of God (Matt. 28:29)
  3. The Verbal Plenary Inspiration of the Holy Bible (II Timothy 3:16)
  4. The Total Depravity of Man (Romans 3:10-17, 23)
  5. The Virgin Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ (Isaiah 7:14; Luke 1:27)
  6. The Blood Atonement (I Peter 1:18,19)
  7. The Bodily Resurrection of Christ (Matthew 28:6)
  8. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (John 14:3)
  9. Salvation By God’s Grace, Our Faith (Ephesians 2:8,9)
  10. Eternal Security of the Believer (I John 5:13)
  11. The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (John 1:7-11)
  12. The Priesthood of the Believer (Revelation 1:6, 5:10, 20:6)
  13. The Reality of Satan (Job 1:6-12; Revelation 20:10)
  14. The Reality of Hell (Luke 16:19-31)
  15. The Reality of Heaven (John 14:1-6; Revelation, chapters 2 and 22)
  16. The Local Church (Acts 2:47)
  17. World Wide Missions By the Church (Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:19,20)
  18. Two Ordinances Only: Baptism by immersion (Matthew 28:19) and The Lord’s Supper (I Corinthians 11:23-30)

Our Ministries

  • Sunday School for all ages 1
  • Children's Church
  • Teen Ministry
  • Ladies Circle
  • Wednesday Night Bible Study

Our History 1956-1960

The Church was begun by Pastor Jesse Anderson, who was sent here by the conference around 1956. The Genesee Independant Baptist Church had been started earlier and was pastored by George Merton. Gail and Mertys Fischer and their two young sons, Bob and Duane, came from the Genesee church to help. 

Jesse Anderson was one of seven children of a New Jersey truck farmer. His parents both died after the oldest child had just married, and the newlyweds took in the six orphans to raise. When Jesse was about 21 years old, he attended a retreat in Cape May, N.J., where he nad his wife-to-be both dedicated their lives to Christ. he worked in downtown Philadelphia at Penn Life Insurance Co. When WWII started he worked in the shipyards, took night classes at Temple University and pastored a small Bible Presbyterian church. It took him 19 years to get his degree from Temple. Then he took classes at Philadelphia College of the Bible.

He pastored the Haddonville church (conference) for seven years where by a series of events he got to take a (free) tour of the Holy Land.

He worked for a year for no pay for a ministry and then came to Flint with his wife, 3 sons and his wife's 2 widowed aunts . . . and lots of debts.

Church Building 1960
Gail Fischer's mother gave him the use of a small house rent free for 1 year. He got a job in a hardware store and arranged to use the small voting precinct building for services. First Sunday was just his family. The summer, Vacation Bible School brought children and families and so the church purchased the shell house which is now our fellowship room. The shell house was purchased with a loan from the conference. In 1960 the men of the church built the sanctuary, under the leadership of Gail Fischer, a carpenter. Some of the men were Don Archer, Don Bettinger, Jack Kutchin, and Clarence Lemon.

Our History 1960-

Under Pastor Anderson's ministry we our attendance reached up to 100 for Sunday School. We had 2 choirs, Jr. and adults. Both had to sit on the platform during service because all the seats in the sanctuary were filled. We had ancient folding seats that had been discarded by a movie theater. We upholstered the seats with white plastic. When we stood or sat they squeaked. We stood for every hymn! The floor was bare concrete. The foyer and classrooms at the back were added years later.

Our History (Pastors)

Jesse Anderson
David Linden (interim, now a missionary)
Jesse Anderson (interim)
Robert Wolf
William Hetchler
David Lott
David Anderson

Our History (People from our church who went into Missions or Christian Service

Dale Anderson - France
Michael Eremic - Germany (deceased)
Andrew Eremic - Honduras
Guy Young - Mexico (Home now due to health)
Deborah (Bill )Tarter - Haiti, N. America Indians, others

Christian Service
Randy Terrell - Pastor in Owosso
Vicki Torrey - Christian School Principal
Andrea Kutchin & husband - Youth Leaders